Magento 2 Configurator

A Magento module initially created by CTI Digital to create and maintain database variables using files.

If you're interested about finding out more about the background of the configurator, watch this lightning talk by Raj Chevli at Mage Titans. This is a work in progress and by no means for use with production environments (and probably not even development environments either just yet).


  • Install

    Install Magento from scratch with important database configurations.

  • Share

    Share and collaborate configuration with other colleagues.

  • Versioning

    Maintain different versions of your configurations & split to suit environments.

Getting Started

  • Install using Composer
    composer require ctidigital/magento2-configurator

  • Create a master.yaml file in
    <mage_root>/app/etc/ (see samples/master.yaml)

  • Enable Modules
    CtiDigital_Configurator, FireGento_FastSimpleImport

  • Run
    bin/magento configurator:run --env="<environment>"


  • Listing available components
    bin/magento configurator:list

  • Running individual components
    bin/magento configurator:run --env="<environment>" --components="config"

  • Extra logs
    bin/magento configurator:run --env="<environment>" -v

Supported Components

Below are the list of supported components.

  • Websites
  • System Configuration
  • Admin Roles, Users
  • Attribute Sets, Attributes
  • Catalogue Products
  • Catalogue Categories
  • Product Links Related, Up-sells & Cross-sells
  • Widgets
  • Customers
  • Customer Groups
  • Tax Rules & Rates
  • Price RulesCatalog
  • API Integrations
  • Pages
  • Blocks
  • Shipping Table rates
  • Media
  • Rewrites
  • SQL
  • Customer Attributes

Status:  ✅  Code Written  ❕ Tests Written  ✅  Included Sample files

Work In Progress Components

Below are the list of components, not supported and been worked upon.

  • Price RulesShopping Cart
  • Orders

Status:  ❌  Code Written  ❌ Tests Written  ❌  Included Sample files


We are happy to accept any contributions from community for this module.
If you are willing to contribute the module, Please view our contributing tips from the GitHub link below.